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Body: Polypropylene, high-grade copolymer

Bolts and Nuts: Plated steel

(Stainless steel bolts and nuts also available)

Reinforcing Rings: Stainless steel

Seal: Nitrile rubber (NBR)

Body: Polypropylene, high-grade copolymer.

Split Rings: Acetal (POM, CPVC also available)

Nuts: Polypropylene, high-grade copolymer

Bolts and Nuts: Stainless Steel

Seal: EPDM

Threaded Fittings

Body: Polypropylene, high-grade copolymer.

Reinforcing Ring: Stainless Steel.

Operating Temperatures

The fittings and valves are not to be used

with hot water, although they withstand the

same temperature as the polyethylene pipe

itself. The fittings and valves will withstand

sub-zero temperatures




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